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The Best Cat Sitters

That Your Cat Has All The Attention It Needs In Your Absence

If you have a cat and you need to take it down, so you don’t have to think too much about who will feed and care for it in your absence, call Pomona, CA cat sitters.

Our cat care agency employs proven and experienced people who love cats and know how to treat them.

All cat owners know that every cat has its own temperament and that no two cats are the same. Our employees know this too, so they will come at your invitation to get to know you and your cat. You will tell our sitter all the habits your cat has, so she will know how to treat her in your absence. Each of our babysitters is also trained to administer medication to cats, if your cat is undergoing therapy, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Pomona, Ca Cat Sitters

You will agree on the time of visits and the duration of the visits with the nanny. Also, if your kitty doesn’t like to be alone at night, our nanny will spend the night with your kitty, so she doesn’t feel lonely and abandoned.

Our agency will provide you with a sitter who is reliable and responsible. In your absence, she will feed the kitten, change its water and sand. He will maintain her hygiene, in the way you taught your cat. Apart from these essentials, our sitters love cats, so your kitty will not miss attention, petting and playing. If you want, you can get shots and photos from our siterrs, to make sure that your kitty is well and feels loved and safe. That way, your stay away from home will be much more pleasant without having to worry about how and what your cat is doing.

If you want your kitty to feel safe and secure when you’re away, Pomona, CA cat sitters is just a click away. We will make sure that your cat gets all the attention it needs in your absence.