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The Period When Baby Bloomers Were Born

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Baby boomers are people born in the period after World War II. Because of the war itself, some people deliberately postponed the creation of a family, and many of them did not have the opportunity to create a family. All the horrors brought by the war and all the uncertainty left consequences for the birth of children.

When the war ended and when life began to return to some normal flows, people began to plan their families. Because of this, a large number of child births appeared.

Baby Boomer Trivia

All statistics show that that period of the boomer society was a predominantly male society. There was a much higher number of boys born than girls. The whole world needed that, because a large number of men died during the Second World War. Because of this, a much larger number of women appeared compared to men, which would one day lead to a great imbalance. That is why nature itself arranges to maintain population gender balance.

Baby boomers are now people who are retired or should be retired soon. Since the motto of that generation was “I live to work”, it is very difficult for them to understand the current generations, who work from home, who want to have flexible working hours. All in all, they have a completely different view of the world, which can lead to many conflicts between generations.

These generations, born from 1946 to 1964, are now very difficult to fit into the progress of technique and technology, and most cannot understand the life of the young generations, and they are still trying to impose their way of life.

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