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How to join the Consortium

The CHPC is an alliance of organizations committed to increasing the diversity in the health professions by supporting health career pipeline programs and academies at all academic levels. These organizations consist of key stakeholders throughout California who meet on a quarterly basis. Convenings are conveniently rotated between Northern and Southern California.

Benefits to joining the Consortium:

  • Participation in quarterly convenings that highlight the current state of health workforce and diversity in California and discuss major current initiatives and potential roles and opportunities for pipeline programs 
  • Build pipeline program capacity, practical resources and linkages
  • Highlight promising practices and lessons learned for: development of pipeline programs and for increasing scale, sustainability and impact
  • Continuing discussions on priority pipeline program topics such as funding, evaluation, partnerships, sustainability models, etc.
  • Being notified of state policy opportunities tthat strengthen pipeline programs and provide student resources
  • Discuss developments at the federal level and how greater coordination and shared advocacy could benefit pipeline programs and our students
  • Be involved in the shaping and initial development of a California pipeline network
  • Meet and network with pipeline colleagues from your area and throughout the state

To join the California Health Professions Consortium, complete the registration form. NOTE: To make changes to an existing Consortium Member description, including contact information or website address, please send an e-mail message to Ronnie Vasquez at

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