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Experienced Pipeline Network (EPN) Members

Katherine Flores

Co-Chair, CHPC and Director UCSF Fresno LaCMER (Co-Chair)

Jeff Oxendine

Co-Chair, CHPC and Associate Dean, Public Health Practice School of Public Health UCB (Co-Chair)



Melissa Aboytes

Kaiser Permanente

Charles Alexander

Associate Vice Provost for Student Diversity, Director Academic Advancement Program, UCLA Division of Undergraduate Education

Andrew Alvarado

Adjunct Associate Professor, UCSF Fresno LaCMER

Marcella Anthony

Community Outreach Manager, Stanford Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education

Frankline Augustin

Department of Health Sciences, College of Health & Human Development, CSU Northridge

Juan Carlos Belliard

Assistant Vice President for Community Engagement  and Diversity, Loma Linda University

S. Brooke Briggance

Program Manager, FACES in the Future-Children’s Hospital Oakland

Matthew Burger

Teacher, Academy of Medical Arts (LAUSD)

Mai Mai Cantos

VP, Health Career Connection

Teresa Cofield

Director of Pipeline Programs, UC Riverside School of Medicine

Sandra Daley

Professor of Pediatrics UC SanDiego

Marie Dennis

Teacher Specialist, SAROP Pomona

Bertha Dominguez

Education Director, UCSF Fresno LaCMER

Lawrence “Hy” Doyle

Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Arthur Fleming

Emeritus Professor, Charles Drew University of Medicine & Science

Ron Garcia

Assistant Dean, Minority Affairs Stanford School of Medicine

Michael Gieck

Project Coordinator, UCSD Dept. of Community Pediatrics

Ramon Hernandez

Project Director, UC San Diego Dean’s Office

Angela Jenkins

Community Health Kaiser

Young Kim-Parker

Health Academics Coordinator, FACES in the Future-Children’s Hospital Oakland

Deja Kono

Program Associate, Alameda County Public Health Department

Tiffany Lambright

Program Director, Huckleberry Youth Programs Wellness Academy

Tomas Magana

Co-Founder Director, FACES for the Future Children’s Hospital Oakland

Mary McCarthy-Hintz

Associate Professor & Activities Director, Science Educational Equity Program, CSUS

Felicia Miller

Outreach Officer, Office of Diversity and Community Engagement UC Davis School of Medicine

Mary O’Connor

Director, Health Workforce Initiative Golden West College

Gregory Odle

Program Manager, Colton-Redlands-Ycaipa ROP

Andrea Perry

Workforce Planning Specialist, Cedars-Sinai YED Health Academy Careers

Shanta Ramdelholl

Clinical and Administrative Director of JJC Medical Services & FACES for the Future Children’s Hospital Oakland

Elizabeth Rega

Director, Strategic Alliances and Special Projects Western University

Lourdes Rivera

Evaluation Specialist, UCSD Division of Child Development Community Health

Barry Rothman

San Francisco State University

Crystal Saetern

Student Affairs Officer, UC Davis MPH Program

Gloria Sanchez

Assistant Program Director, Harbor UCLA

Neal Schiller

Senior Associate Dean Student Affairs, UCR 

Vineet Sharma

HealthCorps Navigator, AltaMed Health Services

Raquel Soto

Center Director, Harbor UCLA

Sheila Thornton

Director of Industry Councils, CVEP Career Pathways Initiative

Vicky Valentine

Program Director, Huckleberry Wellness Academy

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