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About CHPC

CHPC Mission

To ensure a health workforce that reflects and is prepared to meet the health needs of California’s diverse communities through leadership, advocacy, and resource building.

CHPC Vision

All Californians receive quality health services from a skilled, compassionate, and culturally and linguistically competent workforce.

CHPC Values

  • CHPC promotes diversity and inclusion within its organization and in the institutions of the broader society.
  • CHPC combines a passion for social justice with a respect for research and knowledge.
  • CHPC is founded on collaboration, partnerships, mutual support, and sharing among all programs and efforts that promote diversity in the health professions.
  • CHPC is accountable for results.


1.  Strengthen the capacity, effectiveness, and sustainability of pipeline programs through mutual support via communication, coordination, and technical assistance.

  • Create a statewide network of programs, students, and other stakeholders to share information and resources, and speak with a united voice.
  • Promote the development of formal linkages between programs and practices to foster shared learning and the proliferation of exemplary practices.
  • Develop and disseminate tools and products that strengthen cultural competency training.
  • Convene stakeholders in a variety of content areas and/or regions to strengthen coordination and facilitate the application of lessons from experience to date.
  • Develop models for program evaluation and sustainability planning.

2.  Promote inter-program communication and coordination to better support student achievement and advancement at all levels of their educational and career progression.

  • Ensure students at all levels are involved in the deliberations of the Consortium.
  • Establish a website and other communication tools that support the communication and coordination of programs on a local and regional level.

3.  Advocate at state, federal, and institutional levels for policies, system changes, funding, and programs that promote diversity in California’s health professions.  

  • Develop organizational structure and capacity for advocacy including procedures for tracking developments, communicating with stakeholders, setting priorities, and mobilizing supporters.
  • Build alliances with other advocates for gateway programs, health advocates representing diverse communities, student organizations, and others with congruent interests and values.
  • Provide a resource to policymakers on health workforce diversity issues and strategies.

4.  Establish a learning resource for programs, educational institutions, students, funders, policymakers, and the general public to foster the dissemination of knowledge and facilitate shared learning across programs and institutions. 

  • Develop evidence-based research that addresses important gaps or needs in a comprehensive strategy and plan for increasing diversity in the CA health workforce. Be a forum for coordination and tracking progress.
  • Establish and maintain a website to share research and evaluation findings, reports, surveys, exemplary practices, policy initiatives, and conference proceedings with diverse audiences.
  • Establish a listserv on a variety of relevant topics to foster dialogue among Consortium members and interested members of the public.
  • Compile and maintain a comprehensive listing and description of programs, research initiatives, and resources in the field. 

5.  Build organizational capacity to meet strategic objectives and sustain effort.

  • Establish a communications infrastructure to share information and support collective action.
  • Develop communication strategies that can be implemented in every advocacy effort (including traditional and electronic forms).
  • Establish a funding plan to sustain programmatic and advocacy efforts of the Consortium.
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