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Who We Are

The California Health Professions Consortium (CHPC) is a statewide consortium, under the direction of Dr. Katherine Flores (Director, UCSF-Fresno Latino Center for Medical Education and Research); Clincal Faculty, UCSF School of Medicine-Dept. of Family & Community Medicine) and Jeff Oxendine (Associate Dean, Public Health Practice-UC Berkeley School of Public Health), and is comprised of organizations and individuals with a vested interest in increasing diversity in California's health workforce.

The members of CHPC represent various sectors, including direct service providers (hospitals, health plans, physicians, nurses), policy and advocacy organizations, academic institutions (including representation from the community college, Cal State University, and University of California systems, as well as private institutions), health pipeline programs, and other entities. To move forward with the Consortium's goals and objectives, we have four committees entitled: Pipeline, Policy & Advocacy, Resources, and Research & Evaluations, which are charged with specific action items.

CHPC holds in-person convening's on a quarterly basis, and our meetings are rotated between San Francisco and Los Angeles. To find out about our upcoming Quarterly Convening, click here.

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02.13.2019 CHPC/CHWA Joint Meeting

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10.30.2018 McDonald's® HACER® National Scholarship Program for Hispanics

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